Thông tin マワシヨミジャンプ マンガをMAPから獲って読めるアプリ

Full Nameマワシヨミジャンプ マンガをMAPから獲って読めるアプリ
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Thể loạiApps, Comics
Kích thước62.8 MB
Lượt cài đặt10,000+
Phiên bản1.1.6
Yêu cầuAndroid 5.0+
Cập nhật2020-05-28

マワシヨミジャンプ マンガをMAPから獲って読めるアプリ

Ứng dụng マワシヨミジャンプ マンガをMAPから獲って読めるアプリ nằm trong danh mục Comics

Giới thiệu マワシヨミジャンプ マンガをMAPから獲って読めるアプリ








ONE PIECE、NARUTO-ナルト-、BLEACH、HUNTER×HUNTER、ハイキュー!!、食戟のソーマ、火ノ丸相撲、僕のヒーローアカデミア、鬼滅の刃、ブラッククローバー、約束のネバーランド、トリコ、銀魂、暗殺教室、こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所、黒子のバスケ、斉木楠雄のΨ難、ニセコイ、DRAGON BALL、アイシールド21、封神演義、DEATH NOTE、るろうに剣心-明治剣客浪漫譚-、いちご100%、I”s<アイズ>、地獄先生ぬ~べ~、ROOKIES、キン肉マン、キャプテン翼、幽遊白書、新テニスの王子様、青の祓魔師、CLAYMOREなど、合計600冊以上!!



■ 推奨OS
Android 6.0以上




■ You can pick up and read manga on the MAP.
■ A new encounter with manga is born ■

A new app for jumps that can read comics and back issues of Weekly Shonen Jump from MAP for free!

From popular works in the series to huge hits of the past, and even “Weekly Shonen Jump”!
You can pick up the jump manga spread on the MAP and read it immediately for free!
After reading, share your impressions with everyone in the Mawashi Yomi book!
Please enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime chance with new manga!

★★ What you can do with Mawashi Yomi Jump ★★

・ You can read the manga on the MAP for free!
・ Move to another place to find new manga!
-Users who have read the same book can share their impressions through the Mawashi Yomi book!
・ If you read manga on the MAP and want to read more, you can purchase it at the store!

★★ Mawashi Yomi Jump Delivery Lineup ★★

・ “Weekly Shonen Jump” back number
(We will distribute the previous issue for about 3 days from Thursday for a limited time)
・ Jump SQ. Back number
(From the 5th day after the latest issue is released, the previous issue will be distributed for a limited time for about 7 days.)
・ Ultra jump back number
(From the 5th day after the latest issue is released, the previous issue will be distributed for a limited time for about 7 days.)
* The distribution start timing and distribution period may change depending on the issue.

ONE PIECE, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu !!, Shokugeki no Soma, Hinomaru Sumo, My Hero Academia, Devil Blade, Black Clover, Promised Neverland, Toriko, Gintama, Assassination Classroom, here Kameari Park in front of Katsushika-ku, Kuroko’s Basketball, Saiki Kusuo’s difficulty, Nisekoi, DRAGON BALL, Eye Shield 21, Shushin Engi, DEATH NOTE, Ruruni Kenshin-Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-100%, I “S , Jigoku-sensei Nu-be-, ROOKIES, Kinnikuman, Captain Tsubasa, Yuyu Hakusho, New Prince of Tennis, Blue Exorcist, CLAYMORE, etc., a total of over 600 books !!
* Only the number of volumes distributed on each work and MAP is available.

☆ There is a special area on the MAP where many related specific manga appear. Please look for it.

Every week at Mawashi Yomi Jump, a certain amount of books are replaced on the MAP so that various works can be viewed at home.

●● Shonen Jump App Development Contest Phase 1 Winning Project ●●
■ Recommended OS
Android 6.0 or higher
■ Related apps
The works I bought at Mawashi Yomi Jump’s store are Shonen Jump + and Jump Book Store! You can share your bookshelf with. For more information, please refer to Help Member Registration and Bookshelf Sharing.

[Joy jump +]Unlimited reading of Shonen Jump cartoon for free!
The strongest official magazine manga app that allows you to read from new topics to legendary masterpieces
Every day from the spin-off works of our popular series to the legendary super popular works!

[Jump BOO store! ]More than 8,000 jump mangas from popular works in series to successive hits!
Jump Official Manga App “Jump Book Store!”

————————————————– ————–
・ Privacy Policy
・ Terms of Service

* Some devices and environments may not be available




サポート窓口メールアドレス: support@s-bookstore.jpに送信ください。


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