Thông tin 一日予定表: 1日のスケジュールを24時間の円グラフで管理

一日予定表: 1日のスケジュールを24時間の円グラフで管理

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It is a daily schedule management application that displays the daily calendar as a 24-hour pie chart.
It can be used free of charge and is packed with functions such as total time calculation and graph transition display.
It is ranked in the chart of the App Store (work efficiency improvement 168th).

▼ Time management techniques for graduates of the University of Tokyo ▼
This is an application of the time management technique practiced by the University of Tokyo graduates who have achieved an annual income of over one in their 20s at a major general trading company.

▼ Daily schedule management and visualization of records to look back on the day ▼
Enter your 24-hour schedule for the next day and have a meaningful day.
The total time and bar graph can be displayed by automatic analysis, so you can look back on the schedule of the day at the end of the day.
You can visualize the wasted time, improve your vague life, and spend a well-balanced day toward your goals.

▼ Full of functions ▼
It is equipped with all the functions necessary for schedule management, such as automatic totaling of total time, display of transitions by bar graph, registration of diary and goals, and remind function by push notification.

▼ For students, businessmen, homework, housewives, and everyone heading for dreams ▼
Students who have to secure study time, businessmen who aim to acquire qualifications between jobs, working people who work from home or telework, housewives who are busy with childcare and housework and can not secure their own time, and dreams It’s an app for everyone who is spending time towards it.
It is also recommended to use it as a timetable for university students.

▼ Features / Differences from similar apps ▼
The usage fee is free.

・ [Schedule registration with 1 tap]You can easily register an appointment with “1 tap”, so scheduling does not take time.

・ [Pie chart]The schedule is displayed as a pie chart, so you can visualize the flow of the day.

・ [Planned name is free]You can freely add as many schedules as you like, so you can use it according to your purpose.

・ [Automatic total time]Since the total time can be automatically calculated for each schedule, you can immediately see, for example, “how many hours you have studied in total”.
You can display the total time of breaks and games, so you can improve the way you spend the day when scheduling the next day.

・ [Transition by bar graph]You can check the transition for one month on the bar graph.

・ [List display]The schedule can be displayed not only in a pie chart but also in a list, so you can check the detailed schedule at a glance.

・ [100 or more colors]We have more than 100 colors available so that you can choose the color that suits your schedule.

・ [Time is in units of 5 minutes]Schedule registration can be done in 5-minute units, so you can register and visualize detailed schedules.

・ [Notification function]You can turn on push notifications to receive notifications at the scheduled start time.

・ [Registration of diary]You can write down your daily records and hard work as a diary.

・ [Visualization of goals]Since you can register goals, you will be able to manage the time to achieve the goals.

▼ Please tell us your request ▼
We are making improvements every day with the aim of making the app easy for everyone to use, so if you have any requests, please let us know in the comments of the review.

▼ Main features ▼
・ Schedule management
・ Daily schedule
・ Daily plan
・ Daily calendar
App Storeのチャートにランクイン(仕事効率化 168位)しました。


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