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• 各國經濟回顧與展望
• 各國進出口產品及來源
• 主要產業概況及具潛力產品
• 競爭對手國在當地之行銷
• 當地勞動環境及重要經貿措施
• 投資環境、金融環境及市場環境分析
• 貿易障礙及拓展建議
• 年度重要商展
• 商旅資訊
• 各國年度經貿統計

• 在國家選單中,第一個英文字母加粗底字體者屬「全文國」訊息,提供完整的內容,其餘稱為「附錄國」,因資料蒐集不易,僅限於基本資料陳述,供業者參考。
• 為增加服務內容,已蒐錄「TAIWAN’S ECONOMIC SITUATION AND OUTLOOK」簡報(轉載自國家發展委員會網站資料;季更新)及相關資料(月更新),包括:
(三) 歐盟、東協及北美自貿協定等區域經濟相關內容。
(七) 新南向政策服務指南實用資訊。
(八) 國家基本資料。
• 相關頁面資訊可供您加入「我的最愛」清單,亦可分享給您的LINE、Facebook、E-mail及Wechat好友參考。
• 提供搜尋關鍵字詞的功能,閱讀相關資訊。

iOS版本7.0以上、Android 版本3.0以上
Collect the latest economic and trade data from 171 countries/regions around the world, which is rich in content and practical; through the APP, you can quickly get a glimpse of the latest economic and trade status of the global market and suggestions for expansion. It is an indispensable tool for expanding the international market! ! !

1. The main contents of “Global Economy and Trade” include:
• Economic review and outlook of various countries
• Import and export products and sources of various countries
• Overview of major industries and potential products
• Local marketing of competitors
• Local labor environment and important economic and trade measures
• Analysis of investment environment, financial environment and market environment
• Trade barriers and expansion suggestions
• Annual important trade show
• Business Travel Information
• Annual economic and trade statistics of various countries

Two, key description
• In the country menu, the first English letter in bold font belongs to the “full text country” message, providing complete content, and the rest are called “appendix country”. Because data collection is not easy, it is limited to basic information statement for industry reference .
• In order to increase the service content, we have searched the “TAIWAN’S ECONOMIC SITUATION AND OUTLOOK” briefing (reproduced from the National Development Commission website; quarterly update) and related information (monthly update), include:
(1) “Taiwan”.
(2) “my country’s import and export statistics and important business conditions for local countries.”
(3) Regional economic related content such as the European Union, the ASEAN and the North American Free Trade Agreement.
(4) “Rules for teaching war in the five regions of Africa”.
(5) “my country’s foreign trade statistics (by month, key and major markets)”.
(6) “my country’s import and export trade value (by country)”.
(7) Practical information about the new southbound policy service guide.
(8) Basic national information.
• Relevant page information can be added to the “Favorites” list or shared with your LINE, Facebook, E-mail and Wechat friends for reference.
• Provide the function of searching keywords and reading related information.

In order to facilitate your APP to build smoothly, please use to download the version:
iOS version 7.0 or higher, Android version 3.0 or higher

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