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Thông tin 出会いは with(ウィズ) - 婚活・恋活・出会い探しのマッチングアプリ - 無料

出会いは with(ウィズ) – 婚活・恋活・出会い探しのマッチングアプリ – 無料

Ứng dụng 出会いは with(ウィズ) – 婚活・恋活・出会い探しのマッチングアプリ – 無料 nằm trong danh mục Dating

Giới thiệu 出会いは with(ウィズ) – 婚活・恋活・出会い探しのマッチングアプリ – 無料




*2020年 オリコン顧客満足度®調査 婚活マッチングアプリ「アプリの使いやすさ」第1位




● メンタリストDaiGo監修で婚活をサポート

● 心理テストで性格が合う相手を探せる

● 好みカードで趣味嗜好が同じ相手を探せる

● 安心・安全にはじめられる

*+..イベント『Super! C CHANNEL』ブース出展..+*


◆ 推奨動作環境
Android 6.0 以降

◆ サポート URL

◆ 利用規約

◆ プライバシーポリシー

◆ 特定商取引法に基づく表示

◆ 許認可

Meeting starts from matching values.
Matching application for finding a marriage/encounter with no registration

Encounter begins with matching values.
Unlike with traditional dating apps, with does not only match ideal conditions and hobbies and preferences such as “I like movies” and “I like music,” but also the personality and sense of values ​​such as “desired relationships and communication”. You can also see the commonalities.
In marriage hunting, the more people who have such inner points in common, the easier it is to develop a better encounter, and with is a matching app that places the most importance on that point.

And mentor Dai Go supports your marriage.
The mentor Dai Go will give you free advice on how to find the ideal lover, how to chat according to the character of the other party, and important points in the marriage application/dating application.

No.1 in usability*! /
*2020 Oricon Customer Satisfaction ® Survey No. 1 in Marriage Matching App “Ease of Use”

We will continue to change the image of dating apps and deliver to many people a wonderful encounter that can only be experienced with.

_____*+..with (with) is..+*_____
Mentalist DaiGo’s marriage/love activity matching app service.
Based on psychology x statistics, we will introduce the perfect partner who suits your personality and values.
You can easily and safely start by logging in with Facebook (Facebook) or phone number.
It is a dating app that matches one pair every two seconds.

What is a matching app?
Unlike traditional dating apps and dating sites, this app allows you to find your lover safely and securely.

_____*+..with (Why) reason is selected..+*_____
● Support for marriage activities under the supervision of mentor Dai Go
Based on psychology, he will advise you on approaches and communication tailored to the character of the other person.

●Psychological test allows you to find someone with a good personality
With our unique “psychological test”, you can find a good partner from the inside such as personality and values ​​based on psychology and statistics.

● You can search for opponents with the same hobbies and tastes using your favorite cards
“Preference Cards” allows you to search for people who have a lot in common, such as hobbies and favorite music, movies, sports, etc.

● Start safely and securely
Not only the 24-hour/365-day monitoring system, but also the women-friendly service design and design have spread the word of mouth.

A topic on TV and magazines! /
*+..Introduced in TBS “NEWS23”, Nippon Television “B-side politician”.+*
*+..Published in magazines “anan”, “Oggi”, “Beauty ST”, etc..+*
*+.. Exhibit at the “Super! C CHANNEL” booth..+*

_____*+.. Recommended for people like this.. +*_____
・Those who want to try love activities and marriage activities with a matching app instead of a dating app
・People who want to purely enjoy romance/love with a matching app
・Those who want to use the matching app safely/safely
・Person who has used meeting application or matching application
・People who want to find big deals with popular apps for popular marriage and love activities
・Those who want to seriously engage in love/marriage with a matching app instead of a meeting site
・Those who have used traditional dating apps but are new to matching apps
・People who want to meet people with similar tastes with the matching app (Matching Appli)
・Person who wants to save money and meet/love by using matching app
・Person who is looking for dating/matching application that can meet various people
・People who want to seriously start love/marriage activities with the encounter/matching app (Matching Appli)
・People who want to start a love/marriage/matching app
・People who want to meet/love/marriage with a matching app
・Person who wants to enjoy dating/love with a matching app
・Those who want to use a matching app for love activities instead of a dating app
・Person who wants to find a lover who can go out on a weekend or at the end of work with a free matching app
・Person who wants to have a love/marriage affair with a free time such as commuting time or school time
・People who want to meet in a new environment because there are few people at work
・People who want to start searching for deai/partners with trendy matching apps
・Persons who are not good at talking for the first time, such as matchmaking, street parties, and marriage hunting parties
・I’ve been looking for friends and chat friends
・Those who used the dating agency but did not fit
・People who want to talk on the phone first because the hurdles to meet suddenly are high
・Person who wants to find a person who suits him/herself from a psychological test, personality diagnosis, or a fortune telling
・Ideal boyfriend with hobbies and values ​​・Person who wants to meet her

◆ Recommended operating environment
Android 6.0 or later

◆ Support URL

◆ Terms of use

◆Privacy policy

◆Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

◆ Permit
Internet heterosexual introduction business notification and acceptance
Receipt number: 30150043000

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