Thông tin 相性診断forウマ娘 アプリ【心理診断 漫画アニメ無料ゲーム】

相性診断forウマ娘 アプリ【心理診断 漫画アニメ無料ゲーム】

Game 相性診断forウマ娘 アプリ【心理診断 漫画アニメ無料ゲーム】 nằm trong danh mục Casual

Giới thiệu 相性診断forウマ娘 アプリ【心理診断 漫画アニメ無料ゲーム】



・ウマ娘 プリティーダービーが可愛くて好き
☆ Easy and free diagnosis of compatibility between you and Uma Musume character!

Girls born by inheriting the names and souls of racehorses in a different world (real world). It has a horse-like tail from the waist and horse-like ears near the crown. It has superhuman running ability, but otherwise looks like a normal girl.
Basically, there are many horse girls who are enrolled in Tresen Gakuen by making use of their leg strength and are working hard to participate in the “Twinkle Series” which is a national sports entertainment, but all horse girls There are also horse girls who are not twinkle series players, have the same profession as humans, and live a life that is no different from humans.
It is named after a real racehorse that was enrolled in JRA or local horse racing in the past, and its birthday is similar to that of a real horse (with some exceptions in the anime version). The hair color is almost the same as the color of the fur of a real horse, and the horse girl modeled on a horse with stars and meteors on her face has a mesh in part of her bangs. In addition, harnesses such as menko and shadow rolls are represented by accessories such as ear covers, ribbons and masks, and with some exceptions, they inherit the appearance characteristics of the model racehorse.
Basically, if the model racehorse is a stallion, the right ear is attached, and if it is a mare, the left ear is decorated with a ribbon or the like.
The running speed of Uma Musume, who runs at full speed, reaches about 70 kilometers per hour.

[Recommended person]・ Uma Musume Pretty Derby is cute and I like it
・ People who have become addicted to these days
・ Quiz in your spare time
・ I’m looking for a free and interesting playable app
・ Light test like a game
・ For those who want to enjoy online anywhere
・ For simple brain training
・ For the story of the horse game with a friend
・ I’m interested in popular works these days
・ As a simple trivia app
・ Those who like Cygames
・ People who are interested in derby stories

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