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Adoption App

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Adoption App

Adoption is were birth parents place their child undoubtedly with people they do not know. Domestic and International adoption are the two types of adoption. Domestic is where a child is placed in their birth country, and International adoption is where a child is placed outside of its birth country.

There are several reasons for placing a child up for adoption, such as not being able to care for the child. But for the most part at least in the United States and the UK, the most common reason for placing a child is mistreatment to the child. Some other reasons are teenage pregnancy, gender preference, or single parenthood.

Adoption Baby.

Whether Americans have any experience with adoption, not everyone understands it or supports it. The history of adoptions can be traced back as far as the 18th century BC. Adoption was very common during the Ancient periods, and generally involved adults not children. These adults where used to carry on family heritage or to protect property rights. It has been found that both men and women whether married or single could adopt. Our modern adoption laws find heritage in the Hammurabi Code of the 18th century BC. Ancient Times focused on adoption of adults, while during the Middle Ages it focused on children and set some good ground rules. In Ancient Times, the adoptions where merely saying that you wanted someone to follow in your footsteps. During the Middle Ages there were specific laws put into place to protect the child and all adoptions during this time period where handled by the court systems. The first state adoption was in 1851 in Massachusetts. In 1853, Rev. Charles Loring Brace founded a children’s aid program to help orphaned and abandoned children. His solution was to get the children off the streets and send them to strong Christian homes. These children where gathered up and placed on trains bound for the mid-west. At each stop the children where displayed for all to see, and who ever was not chosen was placed back on the train to go to the next stop.

Adoption Act

Requirements for gathering information for adoption records are different in each state. Information about the child being adopted or the family putting the child up for adoption in put together by the adoption agency or the local Division of Social Services. A home study is done to gatherer information about the family and the parents of the child being put up for adoption.

Information collected on the child being adopted for the adoption records are basically the same in most states, it includes: medical and genetic history, a family and social background, mental health history, religious background, ethnic and racial background, and education level attained. There are some states that require more information such as dental history, immunization records, developmental history, and of course school records. Some adoption Records also hold information on whether or not the child being put up for adoption is eligible for any state of federal adoption assistance. Those states include: Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

The adoption records also include information on the birth parents and the birth family of the child being put up for adoption. This information is gathered during a home study as well and it includes information such as the medical and genetic history of the family, the family and social background, a mental health history of the family, a religious background, and the level of education attained by the parents. Some states require also the physical appearance, talents, hobbies, field of occupation, and a list of any drugs the birth mother toke during her pregnancy with the child.

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