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Thông tin Akbar Birbal Story In English

Akbar Birbal Story In English

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Giới thiệu Akbar Birbal Story In English

Children love to listen to stories; especially the ones that tickle their funny bone! Most of us grew up listening to the famous stories of the great King Akbar and one of his courtesans, Birbal, who was known for his intelligence and wittiness.

List Of Stories :-

1. Why is the Camel’s neck crooked
2. Who is The Donkey
3. The Pot of the Wit
4. Hundred Gold Coins & Birbal
5. Farmer’s Well & Witty Birbal
6. The Three Questions
7. The Wicked Barber’s Plight
8. Birbal’s Wisdom
9. Birbal Outwits Cheat
10. Birbal Returns Home
11. Birbal The Servant
12. Half The Reward
13. Limping Horse
14. Painting By Birbal
15. What The Drop Taketh!
16. Birbal The Child
17. Birbal Denies a Rumour
18. Birbal Catches a Thief
19. How Akbar Met Birbal
20. Tid Bits
21. Protection From The Footmark of An Elephant
22. The Mulla Used His Head
23. Poet Raidas
24. Birbal Is Born
25. Birbal Shortens The Journey
26. List Of Blinds
27. The Pickled Clue
28. Fear Is The Key
29. Hasty Judgment
30. Hasty Reward
31. Neither Here Nor There
32. Red Hot Test
33. Four Fools
34. Fast Horse
35. Hunting And Dowry
36. Birbal Passes The Test
37. Birbal Helps An Astrologer
38. Birbal Helps The Farmer
39. The Donkey’s Relatives
40. Birbal Betrays Himself
41. The Loyal Gardener
42. The Noblest Beggar
43. Mullah’s flattering Answer
44. Birbal Solves The Problem
45. The Rooster and The Hen
46. How Many Crows In The Kingdom
47. Flowers For Akbar
48. I am Your Servant, Huzoor
49. How Akbar meet Birbal?
50. The Well Dispute
51. Back to Square One
52. The True King
53. The Sharpest Shield and Sword
54. The Sadhu
55. Birbal : The Musical Genius
56. The Jealous Courtiers
57. Full Moon, Quarter Moon
58. The Choice of Birbal
59. The Blind Saint
60. Question for Question
61. Birbal Imagination
62. Noble Beggar
63. List of blinds
64. Just One Question
65. “Birbal, can you Identify The Guest
66. Cooking The Khichdi
67. Birbal Turns Tables
68. Birbal The Wise Man
69. Neither here nor there
70. Birbal Gave Birth to the Child
71. Birbal’s Sweet Reply
72. Birbal Shortens Road
73. Birbal’s Generosity
74. How Birbal Brought Meat Back in the Community?
75. Birbal Is Brief
76. Colorful Bird
77. Washerman’s Donkey
78. Birbal Identifies Thief
79. Birbal Denies Rumor
80. Quick Thinking Birbal : Count The Crows
81. Hot Iron Test
82. The Cock and the Hen
83. The Wicked Barber’s Plight
84. Akbar Birbal Reunion
85. Akbar’s Hasty Judgement
86. Hunting & Dowry
87. Akbar’s Ring
88. Fear is the key
89. Protection of the Footmark of an Elephant
90. Heavy Burden
91. The Parrot Neither Eats, Nor Drinks…
92. Whose Bag?
93. Three Idols
94. Truth Always Finds Its Way
95. Akbar is Greater than God
96. Master or Servant?
97. Why Hair Does Not Grow on Palms
98. Tit-Bits
99. Akbar’s Dream
100. Best Flowers
101. Birbal Problem Solver
102. Why Camel’s Neck is Crooked?
103. The Foolish Brahmin
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