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Baby sleep in the second month

Ứng dụng Baby sleep in the second month nằm trong danh mục Parenting

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The baby sleep application in the second month includes various topics to help the mother understand her baby in the second month and help him get the rest he needs. On his side or on his stomach.
The application explains the number of hours of sleep for children, which amounts to 18 hours, the mechanism of the child’s sleep for this period, and how the patterns of the biological clock develop in the infant.
The application of the child’s sleep in the second month helps mothers to organize the sleep of the child in the second month, to give the mother and the child at the same time comfort and calm, and helps her to understand the behaviors of the child and explains to the mothers in detail the reasons why the infant does not sleep in the second month, and mothers will also learn how to make her child distinguish between hours Day and night by following a specific routine with the infant to organize his sleep times.
The application also explains the biological clock of the infant for the mother to understand the behavior of her child in the second month with a detailed explanation of the steps of regulating sleep for your infant and valuable information about the time and hours of children’s sleep and the rate of sleep of the child per day. The application also includes an audio clip to teach the mother the correct ways to silence her infant and the best ways to do so And how to make the child go back to sleep if he wakes up suddenly.
The application of the child’s sleep in the second month includes tips and instructions for the mother and the child to enjoy a quiet sleep, and the application explains the reasons that lead to children crying and why children do not sleep for long continuous periods.
The application also explains the stages of the child’s development in the second month, and tips and instructions for newborn mothers.
Since the responsibility of motherhood is great, we put in your hands many tips for the sleeping positions of the child in the second month, illustrated with pictures to help you provide comfort and safety for your child.
The application provides information on infant sleep periods and the number of hours the child needs in his second month to sleep. The application also includes music and white noise to help your child sleep and relax.
The application explains the benefits of white noise that helps children sleep calmly and peacefully and make them feel safe, comfortable and calm.
The application includes white noise clips and pink noise audio clips that help relax the baby because it is the best way to calm the newborn baby because it makes sounds completely similar to the sounds inside the mother’s womb and helps simulate the sounds that the baby was used to in the mother’s womb To help him get a peaceful sleep, these sounds include:
Lullabies, nature sounds, white noise for sleep, space noise, baby sleep sounds, heartbeat or rattle, hair dryer sound, children’s blow-dry sound, heartbeat sound,. Try each one separately in different sleeping positions for your child.
All white noise audio clips are of a long duration so that they do not end before your child goes to sleep.

The application includes many music clips for children’s sleep mp3 and music clips that make babies sleep in a minute like magic, and music clips before bed and quiet tunes that make the child sleep in 15 minutes, all of these clips broadcast comfort and calm in the child and help him sleep with comfort.
This application is your best and optimal choice for your child to enjoy the second month of rest and peaceful sleep.

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