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Battleship Battle 1.0 APK

1. Introduction

“BATTLESHIP Battle” is a Real-Time Simulation Game of the one-on-one fight of the Ultimate Huge Battleships; IOWA-class and Yamato-class.

By modifying the physical rule, 5 minutes length and spectacle battle of battleships which you haven’t experienced is being realized in this real-time simulation world.

From the beginning of this application, you can choose IOWA or YAMATO and start the battle.
Let fire the main guns of these huge battleships!

2. Battle

The battle is carried out with the following point;

– Battle Time: 300 seconds ( 5 minutes)

– Initial Positions of Battleships: Random Position

– Battle Result:
– Level 1: Win by Sink-Out and Win on Decision
– Level 2: Only Win by Sink-Out : You have to sink the oppose battleship for the point.
– Level 3: Only Win by Sink-Out : You have to sink the oppose battleship for the point.

3. Basic Operation:

– You can start the battle by firing the main guns of the battleship.
– The basic operation; (1) Predict, (2) Aim, (3) Fire;

(1) Predict the opponent battleship position and move by using “Gun Rader” in upper left.
(2) Aim by using “Gun Turret Control” and “Gun Range Control” in lower left.
(3) Fire by using “Gun Trigger” button in center left.

Very easy operation. Please enjoy firing the huge main guns.

– Training Mode:

You can use the Training Battle Mode in which you can train battleship operations without shell limitation.
Please utilize this function for your skill-up.

4. Other Operations;

– For details, see the explanation in this app.


The main gun’s Shell of your battleship is all of your offensive ability.
Please always pay attention to the number of Shells to control the battle steadily.

– For details, see the explanation in this app.

6. The Physical Law Modification:

To realize the short-time and amazing spectacle battle of huge battleships, some of the physical laws in this Real-Time Simulation World are carefully modified.

– For details, see the explanation in this app.

7. Consideration of Battleship Performances:

Although there are many evaluations, the following major performances are being considered in this simulation.

– For details, see the explanation in this app.

8. Battle Level and Opponent-AI:

– For details, see the explanation in this app.

9. Battle Result:

– For details, see the explanation in this app.

10. Hints for your Strategy & Tactics

– Utilize you battleship features;
– For details, see the explanation in this app.

11. Bonus Stage:

You can go to the bonus stages when you get experience point through battles.
Two bonus stages exist.


– Beat Enemy’s Aircraft Carrier Task Force(6 carriers, over 100 aircrafts)
– Real-Time Battle between your battleship and 6 aircraft carriers
– 3 level stage with bonus shells (Total 1000 shells)

(2) “Invincible Battleship”

Decisive Battle with Battleship Fleet:

– Enemy fleet consists of 2 battleships, 2 battlecruisers, and
2 aircraft carriers.
– Bismarck class battleship x 2: Bismarck, Tirpitz
– Renown class battlecruiser x 2: Repulse, Renown
– Aircraft carrier x 2; IOWA -> Akagi class, Yamato -> Enterprise class

12. Conclusion:

We believe that the amazing spectacle battle of the huge battleship is established by the
unique modification of the physical laws in this application.
Please enjoy this real-time simulation of battle of battleship.

Scarlet Year, Development Team

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