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Thông tin Bouncing Bunnies

Bouncing Bunnies

Game Bouncing Bunnies nằm trong danh mục Puzzle

Giới thiệu Bouncing Bunnies

We bouncing bunnies love carrots. You can help us to do that. Carrots are delicious. We pretend we eat carrots because they contain vitamin A, antioxidants, and other nutrients. But hey, we all know the truth. Carrots are GREAT and YUMMY!!!!!

Unfortunately, all the other bunnies in our bunny warren know the truth too. They want to get to this culinary feast before us. We will have to be clever and cunning. We will have to plan the route in our warren to get to these carrots.

But, the best carrots are the ones that are hardest to get to, the ones furthest away because they have had more time to grow.

The bunnies getting to a carrot first will only be awarded 1 point. The next bunny or bunnies getting to a carrot will score 2 points, and so on. If you can get to your carrot last you will score most points.

Every turn we can rotate paths to help get our bunnies in our colour to the carrots. We can do this twice per turn, even on the same tile. Tap the tile you want to rotate. A clockwise and anticlockwise arrow will appear. Click the left arrow to rotate the tile clockwise. Click the right arrow to rotate the tile anticlockwise.

Bunnies will be blocked by other bunnies on the same piece of burrow. However, bunnies are not blocked by other bunnies on the same tile, but on different bits of burrow. Bouncing bunnies will stop if they reach a carrot and score points depending on whether they have reached a carrot first or last. Other bunnies will then be blocked from entering that tile, even if they are on the other bit of burrow.

Strategy tips:
Sometimes it is a good idea to help other teams, especially the leading teams, to get to carrots first. Then get your team to a carrot last. The leaders might score a point, but you could score 4 points. That is a difference in your favour of 3 points.

If you had got to a carrot, but blocked all the other teams from getting to carrots, then you would have only scored 1 point. That is not so good.
Version 1.013
Smaller App Size.
Significantly Improved AI.
Improved battery consumption.

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