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Thông tin Fatal Space: Free Action And Space Shooter Game

Fatal Space: Free Action And Space Shooter Game

Game Fatal Space: Free Action And Space Shooter Game nằm trong danh mục Action

Giới thiệu Fatal Space: Free Action And Space Shooter Game

Fatal space is an amazing free action and space shooter game. Where you have to defend space from aliens. However, it is a space adventure game means an astronaut can play around with the space shooting game mechanics where they can fly up with the help of flying shoes. It controls via joystick. It has functions that players can perform in the gameplay.

Therefore, the main aim of an astronaut in the game is to save space from the enemies (NPCs) which are aliens. That comes from the UFOs every 20 seconds. A player needs to kill aliens as well as their ufo where they came from. There are a total of five UFOs, however, each ufo sends a different kind of alien that has different functionalities.

In this space shooter game, there are five types of aliens each alien can perform different actions in the gameplay. For example, one alien can shoot a laser while the second alien can shoot an electric wave. Each AI has different weapons and an astronaut contains all the weapons such as Laser, Electric wave, Flamethrower, Machine gun, Sound wave, and Homing Missiles.

Moreover, an astronaut can use the turbo gas which flying with turbo speed in the upward direction as compared to normal flying. When aliens shoot the player it can use the force field or shield which protects it from the aliens for some seconds. The player can switch weapons in the bottom center button which opens a weapon wheel where players can choose the weapon according to its need.

In order to kill an alien player needs to use its weapons each weapon has its own qualities player can choose whatever they want. When an alien’s health gets zero it will destroy and it’s counted on total aliens killed text at the top center. The most interesting in the game is to kill the UFOs otherwise aliens will keep coming to you and decrease your health and lives.

The Player has only three lives each life gets decreases by 1 when health reduces to zero. And, when it reaches zero an astronaut will die and the game will over. The player can save him by killing aliens and it’s the source (UFOs) of an alien come from the same color of ufo which an alien color has.

UFOs could be died by player’s laser, electric wave, machine gun, and flamethrower. The player has online 99 missiles and 999 bullets which they need to use in all the game. While flamethrower gets decreases when you use it and it will automatically refill again along with the time goes. The game will continue until all the UFOs and their enemies die. After killing all the aliens and UFOs the astronaut gets to win.

And, the sound wave of the astronaut makes AI (Aliens) hypnotize for few seconds and they cannot do anything like shooting you. It goes back when you come to them and after few seconds alien will continue to shoot you with its weapon. Thus, sound wave works in the gameplay. Furthermore, homing missiles usually kill an alien by finding his path.

The same mechanics work in an alien’s missile it can find you and decrease your health. A flamethrower can also kill aliens and UFOs, but it will end after some use and refill again some time. Still, a flamethrower decreases alien’s health rapidly compared to other weapons.

Electric guns and laser work almost the same both can shoot and destroy aliens and UFOs. A machine gun can also shoot both AI’s (Aliens and UFOs) all weapons have their own uses and each alien has the same weapon which the player owns.


– Amazing space shooter mobile game
– Incredible gameplay mechanics
– Cool graphics and amazing performance
– Simple to comprehend instructions
– Use shooting gun and homing missiles to destroy aliens
– Fly with turbo boost gas
– Start shooting a flamethrower on UFO’s and aliens
– Electricity wave gun
– Missile launcher and Laser beam
– Hypnotize with the help of a sound wave gun
– Use force field to protect yourself from aliens
– Save your all achievements
– You’ll have three lives to complete game
-Bug fixes
-Performance improvements

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