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Fresh Tri is a mindset- and habit-building app that helps you lose weight and eat healthier naturally — by removing the frustration, shame, and failure of dieting. With Fresh Tri, you’ll gradually adopt an Iterative Mindset™ — a brain-science-based, test-and-practice mindset that empowers you to keep going, no matter the obstacles or setbacks.

Iteration just means that you keep trying, learning, and tweaking your way toward results that matter to you. With Fresh Tri, you choose food habits that you feel drawn to, and practice them until they become automatic.

How It Works
You’ll start by creating a “Tri,” which is a simple food or eating habit to practice this week. (Each habit practice in Fresh Tri has been proven effective in clinical weight-loss studies, and shown to work in daily life!) Then, throughout the week, you will:

(1) Check in daily. If things are going well, say so! And if not, that’s OK too. Fresh Tri recognizes that relapse, or experiencing setbacks, is a normal part of the habit-change process. In fact, it’s necessary! When you check in, you’ll get ideas for tweaking your practice, or changing it up altogether. Either way, you’re iterating your way to success!

(2) Share your Intention and reflect on your Gratitude each day on the feed in our Tri(be) section. Intentions encourage expansive, creative thinking, while gratitude practices have been shown to measurably improve emotional and physical health. And by sharing with others (you can do so anonymously if you wish) you can inspire — and be inspired — by others in the community.

(3) Join your live Mindset Training session in the app once per week. When you register for Fresh Tri, you’ll choose an Expert from our team of nationally recognized health and wellness professionals — MDs, PhDs, RDNs and certified health coaches — to lead your weekly sessions. If you can’t attend a session, join a different live session that fits your schedule, or watch past sessions at your convenience.

As you practice new habits and train your Iterative Mindset, you achieve the natural, sustainable, healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. No tracking, measuring or weighing. No guilt, shame, or failure. Just trying, tweaking, and trying again. Or as we like to say, Iteration!
We’ve completely redesigned the daily check-in to support your Iterative Mindset™. Whether you’ve taken action on your Tri, hit a snag, or gained a valuable insight, this chat-based system will help you notice what’s working and what can be tweaked. Collect badges that represent the personal qualities you demonstrate that are moving you toward the healthy lifestyle you want! Also new: Share support by sending and receiving “hearts” on the Intention and Gratitude feed on the Tri(be) page.

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