Thông tin Hardest Girl to Get - Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek

Game Hardest Girl to Get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek APK

Hardest Girl to Get is a Visual Novel games that challenge your skill to pick up girl that you have a crush on. You have to remember one thing though, “Girl is always right”, yeah, to get the woman that you love and break your single status, you have to learn the girl’s code first, so that you know what to do on every situation that you might encounter with your girlfriend.

This game is a viral game that have been played by millions user, and made it as a top rated and top free games. Based on Indonesian culture, this game originally named “Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek”. The game also can be played both offline and online, which make it very comfortable to play. With the best story line and unique, it will guaranty to make you curious for each story and the challenged. You have to make the right choice, so that you can get the girl, if not then the game is over. But don’t worry, since you playing a character that is a time traveler, you can kept getting back in the past to make sure you make the right choice so you can kept continue.

Here you will become Adit, a time traveler that can goes back to the past, so that you can fix all the wrong choice you have made in your life. So, even if you are just a clueless boy now, after playing this game, you will know how to approach girl and get their hearts 🙂

The number of episodes of this Visual Novel already so many, with 24 episodes in this season, including the next season, it’s guarantied that this game has a loyal fans that are loving the love story between the boy and the girl in this game 🙂

This game also can be played together with your friends and family in your spare time.

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PS : Don’t take it too personal bro, happy playing!
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* Fix english version
* Add checkpoint feature
* Add Multi Language feature

Ps : This is the first Season of Hardest Girl To get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek, for the next episode, download the Season 2 at the playstore.


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App Name Hardest Girl to Get - Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek v1.115
Genre Games, Trivia
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Latest Version1.115
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