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Landover – Build, expand, win

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Do you love Catan,, or Cities and Knights? Then you’re going to love Landover! Landover is the newest and most interesting variant of Catan ever released. Think of it as Catan 2.0!

With Landover, you can play multiple games simultaneously and get notified when it’s your turn to move. No more waiting around and wasting lots of time waiting for opponents to take their turns.

Landover is a game for 2 to 4 players where players compete for the most Victory Points. The game is played on a variety of maps, each one calling for different strategies. You can choose to play custom games on user-created maps with all your friends, or play ranked games against random opponents to see how well you stack up against the competition.

The game starts with each player placing one village and one city on the board. Player’s then take turns rolling the dice, gathering resources, and building up their colonies. Player’s must choose between expanding quickly, upgrading their technology & culture, or fortifying their military. If you expand your empire too quickly, your cities are in danger of being raided by other players or attacked by the barbarians.

Choose which culture you want to improve to gain special advantages. Science improvements will increase your ability to gather resources. Political improvements will enhance your military prowess. Commercial improvements will allow you to capitalize on trade. Be the first to reach level 4 to gain a metropolis and an additional 2 Victory Points.

For those who build up their military power, they will be able to launch raids against their opponents to steal precious commodities and stop their ability to produce resources. But be careful not to hoard too many resources without fortifying cities with walls. Any 7 roll could be devastating.

Gain additional victory points by exploring the world with boats and settling new islands. Achieve the longest route to earn an additional 2 Victory Points.

If you are a fan of Settlers of Catan, Catan Universe,, or other similar hexagon style strategy board games, you will LOVE Landover! It takes all the best parts of Settlers of Catan and makes them even better. We removed knights as they were too cumbersome and annoying and replaced them with Military power. We sped up turn times by simplifying discards and other user choices on development and progress cards. All in all, this game should be more fun and simpler to learn than traditional Catan.

Plan ahead, be clever, and if the Gods favor you, you may just walk away victorious!

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