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Lotto in Church Slavonic

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Lotto in Church Slavonic is a board game for the whole family. Keep in mind, Cyrillic numeral is not a syllable but number. A person who is acquiring Cyrillic numbers develops a very significant skill. Instead of pronunciation respelling, mind reproduces the number. Have a try and you’ll make sure! Children develop this habit quicker.
This cum savvy makes you concentrate, think faster. Cyrillic numerals are the numbers written in letters and characters of Cyrillic script. This application uses 18 letters (9 to denote digits and 9 to denote tens).
Educational game «Church Slavonic Lotto» has its peculiarities:
1. The criterion of success in the game acquisition is not the quantity of victories but the developed habit of prompt deciphering Cyrillic numerals omitting syllables articulation. Your rival’s screen (field) shows Arabic numbers.
2. Disposition of numbers in columns is similar to the disposition of numbers in the game cards of classical Wooden Barrel Lotto: in the first column – digits, in the second column – the second ten, in the third –the third ten, … in the last- the 9th ten and 90.
3. In the Settings you can set the language and mode: «line», «game card», or «two game cards». In order to win one should fill out any of the line in the game card; to win in the «game card» – to fill out any of the cards, in «2 game cards» – to fill out both cards.
4. Player’s target is to cover the Cyrillic numeral on the game card if it fits the number on the round button. The one who is the first to cope with the task wins; draw game is also possible. If you need to return to the main screen during the game – press the button «Menu» above your rival’s game cards.
5. At first start the game per default begins with the «line».
6. It takes milliseconds to download the screen. Vocalization of the numbers enables to match the Cyrillic numeral with its Arabic equivalent.
7. Upon ending the game round a text containing one of the quotes of the Bible or the proverbs appears on the screen (or it may appear on each of the player’s screens via Bluetooth). In case it doesn’t happen then by pressing the button «game» you cause the appearance of the «Menu» button.
8. To play via Bluetooth in the similar modes players’ gadgets should have been paired in advance.
9. Playing via Bluetooth, the one who initiates logging in designate the number and listens to the vocalization.
PS: A Cyrillic numeral is formed by the Cyrillic letter, a special symbol, titlo, a diacritical horizontal mark above, and a full point. Cyrillic numerals are used in the Bible, liturgical books, and prayer-books in Church Slavonic to numerate psalms, pages, noting modes or tunes, dates indication etc.
Have fun and inspiration!

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