Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta 1.07 APK
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App Name Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta v1.07
Genre Game Đua Xe, Games
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Latest Version1.07
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Thông tin Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta

Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta 1.07 APK

Project Grand Auto Town Sandbox Beta

This is beta version of game

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The game brings us into 90’s. Main character came to his cousin Frankie, as he said: “Sunny city, filled with happiness and loads of money with the huge posh house and a sport car on the background”.
As it turned out, your cousin embellished the situation in his letter, and you were forced to found a job here, so Frankie decided to help you with this and gave to you a taxi driver job with a mean boss.
At work you’ll contact not only with clients, but also with newcomer gangsters, the most dangerous mobs and some conspiracies. But our character has done it before, even worst things happened earlier in his life, he feels sorry for doing it. The main idea of coming to America was to change his life and forget about past.
If you ever wanted to change your life for better and feel yourself gangster, try this masterpiece. But remember, after every action you make the butterfly effect comes, and after all of this actions your life is at stake. So, get ahold of yourself, and stay alive in this battle.

Game features:
– We’ve tried to recreate the atmosphere of the best open world game in history. Bring some nostalgia feels! Mobile game.
– The game with an interesting storyline! Great missions with an entertaining quest.
– Incredible and dynamic 3rd person 3D shooter
– The best game with open world and full freedom, explore all city!
– Photorealistic beauty HD graphics!
– Incredible CGI scenes with action camera elements, that dilutes the gameplay
– Your own time killer. Play wherever you want, at house, work and public transport
– Buy your own real estate
– Best cars simulator! Real characteristics and real cars behavior. Family car, bad boy muscle car or a sport car for a successful man, choose any car you want.
– Compete with the best city drivers. You’re the driver, it’s up to you what happen next
– Enormous ammo choice: mercenaries AK-47, minigun and RPG or a contract killer sniper rifle. Choose your style of the game
– If you’re far away from cellular network or Wi-Fi you can play offline
– Amazing free game

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