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App Name Real Tanks 3D Shooter v70
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Thông tin Real Tanks 3D Shooter

Real Tanks 3D Shooter 70 APK

These are real madly armoured War Tanks! When humanity has only started making video games with those pioneering yet very-very poor computers and consoles, they’ve once created tanks, and since then we – the army of shooter loving players – enjoy the tanks again and again.

Want to try one for your fancy handy device now?

Don’t wait, start shooting right away! The colourful cartoon graphics you will find inside, and the best powerful rebel tank (yes-yes, that one you control by the dual-joystick gentle touch) and a horde of enemies who do really behave too much madly-badly!

Line ’em up!

Shoot ’em all DOWN!

My friend, this is the tank, and this is the army, and you have no time – so just embark immediately until it’s too late.

EXPLOSIONS! Yes, you’re heard right the explosions are amazing! They are the thing you will love inside the game most! They are beautiful and we are proud with the pretty cartoon visual effects. Yep! Especially proud!

– This is the hard war tank mission, Soldier!

– You want advice before you start that deadly mission?

– Shoot all enemy tanks down, before they shoot you!

– Only remember: “Eat The Snake First before it eats you!”

You control your quasi-real tank in a beautiful and fancy, so colourful and schmancy cartoon surrounding, along the levels of the game you drive your tank to victory! Better say that you shoot your way to victory, heh.


There’ll be tons of enemy tank units,
They will be merciless, you’d better believe it, and
They will be approaching you,

But then, and the idea is as simple as “Shoot ’em all”.

What else? – you’re maybe asking?

– Cool realistic 3D models of tanks;
– One real rebel tank to survive;
– And a horde of ruthless enemies;
– Nicely balanced classic tank gameplay in a completely new 3D environment;
– Fantastic cartoon visual effects,
– Explosions and Shots are Beautiful (you only have a look);
– Numerous Fantasy Cartoon Levels;
– Very Exclusive Soundtrack;


This is not much an exact typical two-joystick shooter, yet it is the branch of it. We have one joystick from the left under the left thumb, and this controls the tank movement. And wherever you touch the screen with your another thumb – the tank will rotate the turret and start shooting in that direction.


There are 3 shots in the rapid fire succession – the tank shoots 3 times quite quickly and then it takes a small pause less than a second for ‘reloading’, tho you can add one extra shot into the row by clicking “UPGRADES” button in the main menu, and you’ll gain 4 shots in the rapid fire succession for the next round of the game. And this is quite a lot for the tank game logic like this. And the other upgrade shall upgrade your armour a.k.a. ‘health’, which may also make the gameplay easier, more fun and more fire, more explosions and nice graphics effects.

Enjoy the game.
Skippable ads less annoying, almost invisible
Tanks are getting more real
Fantastic cartoon visual effects
Extreme gameplay experience updated

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