Thông tin Time of Conquest: Turn Based Strategy

Time of Conquest: Turn Based Strategy

Game Time of Conquest: Turn Based Strategy nằm trong danh mục Strategy

Giới thiệu Time of Conquest: Turn Based Strategy

Time of Conquest: Create a strategy and conquer.

Year 2020. All the world are in a conflict, Middle East is under fire. Terror had became bigger in the Middle East and now jumped to other Europeans and Asian countries. All countries started to blame each other because of Terror. Now the war is inevitable. Now you will be the head of your country and show your abilities being a commander and conquer countries.

Are you ready for this big adventure?

About the game;
You can start choosing a country which you want. After starting, each country has a economic power proportional to population. For example; if you conquer big countries, you earn more money than normal.
Military power in the game;
Infantry ,
Anti Tank,
Anti Missile Launcher,
Antiaircraft and
War ships.
Also for each country, you will have to buy them separately.Inside the game, the strategy, economy, politic, intelligence and wars of your country will be on your hand. You will manage all of them. The rest of countries will play with artificial intelligence. Be careful! Do not consider unimportant your enemies. Always need to have soldiers present. You can receive a air attack or sea attack.
The point you will earn with each victory will depend on these two things;
1) the power of you chosen country; If you play with a weak country, you will earn more points. in victories.
2) Total steps number; you get more point if you finish the game with less steps. Less steps, more points.

New :
* If you lose your capital then you must conquest your capital in 3 steps or you will lose the game.
* Nuclear Bomb .
* New : Added Trade Center, Resources, Defense Industry, Education Center, Pratice Center for Regions. This means more Revenues and Power for Regions .
* New : Diplomacy fixed . You can Truce with other Nations now .
If you like our game and want us to develop it, please give your good evaluation and commentaries.

All World with 4 different Scenes;

World Scene,
Europe-Asia Scene,
Africa Scene,
America Scene

New Alliance System with 12 Alliances and you can select alliance members.
War Request, Attack Request..
Gold system in game .

Good luck big Commander !
* 50 Golds for free
* New: Commander. Select a commander and get extra revenue,grain,petrol etc.
* New: Real Capitals of Countries
* New: Real Areas (km2)
* New: Save button without close game
* Improvements -> Gold, Star system, Graphics, AI, UI etc.
* Bugs Fixed.

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App Name Time of Conquest: Turn Based Strategy v1.3.3
Genre Games, Strategy
Size68.2 MB
Latest Version1.3.3
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