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Tower Escape

Game Tower Escape nằm trong danh mục Arcade

Giới thiệu Tower Escape

This tower escape game consist of levels which we play with an spherical glass ball that can be moved round with the help of given controls.
this glass ball is easy to break off, so getting hit by something will deplete health of glass ball.

How to play
There are three types of controls given in game for movement :-
– On Screen Directional buttons
– On Screen Joystick
– External gamepad or controller, in case you have connected a controller or a game to your phone via Bluetooth or wired. If you are unable to use external controller, just close the game and restart it.
These controls can be changed in Settings, given in pause menu or at starting.

In game objects
– Cutter wheel trap : A floor trap consisting of a cutter wheel moving in backward to forward or left to right placed on floor.
– Spikes trap : A floor trap consisting of block of spikes comes up on floor when glass ball is near by.
– Press trap : A path way trap activates when glass ball is near by.
– Pendulum boulder trap : A mid air hanging trap, moves like an pendulum to stop glass ball from moving forward.
– Enemy bots : These enemy bots moves around floor and when glass ball comes in rang or radius, these bots starts following the glass ball and activates there cutter to destroy glass ball.
– Cannons : These cannons are place near path and these cannon can aim and shoot projectiles in direction of glass ball when glass ball comes near.
– One directional cannon : these are one directional cannon activates on glass ball is near by.
– Cross path : A rotating cross path that rotates one time every second.
– Locked doors : Some doors are locked in your path and keys to open these locked doors can be found on the same level.
– Orbs : these orbs can be collected in game levels, and can be used to get new skin for your glass ball

Glass ball skin
In starting there is a button available with circular icon for glass ball skin. There are different kind of skins in this section that you can get for some orbs, as explained above you can collect these orbs in game levels.

Setting contains controls sensitivity, type of control selection like on screen direction button, joystick or external gamepad for movement.

Game levels
Initial level start with a desert look in which our our glass ball is placed on ground and there are big boulders making a path for our ball, there are no obstacles in this level but glass ball can still be broken because of uneven ground this level have and in and there is an capsule type of lift that takes our glass ball to next level.
Climbing starts, level is next level to the initial ground level, this level is placed in above ground position and all levels will be in this kind, give a feel of sky high placed paths.
Spiral path, this level have quit a lot of circular path and thin wire kind of objects as path way where glass ball can fall easily.
First defense, here is the start of rising difficulties as there are cannons are placed those can aim and shoot projectiles at our glass ball.
Rising pillars, there are base on top of different height pillars in top direction with different path lifts to take our glass ball from one platform to another platform.
Dungeon floor, this level consist or may rock in path way and symmetric level design containing cannons and traps.
Keep playing to know more about game levels.
All the game level are simply made good in look while providing player a top left perspective view of game.
– Minor changes in some in-game level objects.

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