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Toy Car 3D Game Remote Control Augmented Reality 1.3 APK

Now the toy car for boys and kids on the remote control and a small toy city is always with you!

Have you and your kids always wanted to run toy car on the remote control? With the technology of augmented reality and this game you and your kids had such an opportunity! In the Kids Car Toy Simulator Game you don’t just control a toy car, you can drift, jump on trampolines and destroy obstacles! Restore them with one button in a second and start again! Sorry for such a joy is not available in real life… And a toy cars have to pull out if they get stuck, and obstacles to rebuilding long and dreary. Great that now remote control can be simulated in your smartphone with games like this. There are two toy cars in the game: fast and heavy.

Toy Cars – one of the most beloved toys of all the boys and kids.

Favorite childhood toy– it’s a car, little car. It is usually made of iron or other metal, similar to iron, it is painted in dark red color. Parents buy cars in rather expensive shops and ask them to take care of. The prototype cars in the game are very high quality, it can be played indefinitely, it will never break. Meanwhile cheap plastic cars breaking children constantly.

When the wheels of the toy car off, and then immediately disappear and all doors one by one, the children go to their parents and asking them to repair a machine.

This game has a small backstory. Once, one fine summer, the light appeared a Little Yellow Car. She looked around and the world seemed to her so wonderful, so wonderful. She began to ride in a circle at first gently, and then began a sharp and rapid, begin to shoot down the cubes and realize that she is just a car toy and she’s lonely. Play with her make her feel better!

This game has no difficult levels and competitions, children can just play for fun as much as you want. If the child wants to play with a car on the remote control, toy car, toy for boy, racing machine – he will definitely like this game for kids!

In one large concrete garage lived-lived machines. Among them were red Zhiguli, yellow Lamborghini, blue Ferrari, white Ford, silver Toyota, black Mercedes, BMW and many, many other cars. The garage was huge, warm, all the cars had enough space, and they did not freeze in the ice cold.
 Many different stories happened to the toy cars.
Pink Volvo drove along the road, not knowing where. He just liked to drive fast on any road he saw before him. On the way, he met many other machines that greeted him with whistles, and he happily signaled to them in return. On the way he met a lot of interesting things, but did not like to brake Volvo, so he rushed forward and forward.
 Once he drove along one narrow road, the tank was full of gasoline, the engine was in order, the road was empty, and the ride was enjoyable. And suddenly, in the middle of the road, he saw an old black Jeep standing. The Jeep was standing in the middle of the road, and there was no way to get around it. Pink Volvo drove up to Jeep and asked him to free the road.

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App Name Toy Car 3D Game Remote Control Augmented Reality v1.3
Genre Game Đua Xe, Games
Size28.6 MB
Latest Version1.3
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